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About Us

We created Heart Beach Garden to give our members a place where you can feel safe finding social and emotional support, physical activity buddies, and learning opportunities in offline, online, and virtual reality, in open and honest fora.

Our trustworthy platform and engaged members in our Heart Beach Garden community provide a fantastic resource. You have access to several engaging and secure offline, online, and virtual reality possibilities to participate in a wide range of wholesome experiences and interact with one another.

Join your Heart Beach Garden community today.

How We Give Back To The World

Heart Beach Garden via Preventive Cardio-Oncology LLC also helps provide micro-financing support to women in the United States and across the world, such as women in Latin America making school uniforms - these efforts help protect women and children from human trafficking.

About Heart Beach Garden

Heart Beach Garden is a community platform for cancer survivors, patients, families, and friends. Created with the goal of providing support every client, especially if affected by cancer, this virtual platform allows women and men relax, unwind, and find support from people who understand and share challenges and experiences.


With a plentiful selection of learning library tools, travel opportunities, and other amenities, you can feel at home and comforted in a community of people just like you. Heart Beach Garden was designed to help support, educate, and provide tools to grow.


Our premier Heart Beach Garden community platform offers unique membership options and features that help you find support and friends and experience something new.

Read on below to learn more about this signature concierge membership program.

Pink Lake Kimono

About Our Exclusive
Heart Beach Garden Concierge Program

Our premier concierge service helps women feel welcome and free of all that ails. We provide opportunities to connect with others, and a chance to create a network of friends that have experienced similar challenges. We believe in the power of community—and that’s why we created our Heart Beach Garden concierge service.

In this membership program, you can allow your spirit to roam free as you explore virtual realities, talk to others, and learn at your leisure. You can spend time in luscious tropical landscapes in virtual reality, or choose to take virtual videoconference or in-person trips with new and old friends as part of our exclusive destination travel opportunities. Our Heart Beach Garden Concierge program is designed for comfort, peace, and community, and with the opportunity for you to embrace your passions.

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